How it works

The PSI Sealing system

The sealing system of PSI, based on the PSI plug, is the ideal sealing system for singular transiting of pipes and tubes. The seal consists of two equal, half round parts of rubber. With the special Fire Safe PSI sealing plug, a gas and water tight, fire retardant seal is created for your pipes.



  • 60 minutes fire retardant (A60)
  • Resistant to gas, water and pressure (3 bar)
  • Large range of sizes available
  • No specific tools necessary for installation



PSI plug in PVC, DIN, ASTM and aluminium pipes

The PSI plug has four application areas: application in plastic pipes, steel mantle tubes (DIN and ASTM) and in pre-drilled holes or aluminium pipes. The sealing system is tested according to the IMO regulations and proven fire retardant, waterproof, gas tight and pressure tight.

PSI viton plug in wand steen
PSI plug montage in betonnen wand
PSI plug enkel in betonnen wand
PSI plug dubbel in betonnen wand