Installation instructions

1. Check the opening
The inner side of the pipe, tube or hole needs to be cleaned carefully.

2. Lubricate
It is recommended to lubricate both the inner side of the opening, and the outer and inner side of the PSI plug, with acid-free Vaseline. This simplifies the installation and extends the lifespan of the sealing. The acid-free Vaseline is available at TTT, in containers of 150 ml.

3. Mount

Make sure that the pipe or tube is placed exactly in the middle of the transit. Put the two equal parts of the PSI sealing, with the flange on the pressure side, around the pipe or tube you want to seal. Push the plug into the opening with both hands. The two parts needs to be exactly on top of each other, to create a good sealing. The sealing can be inserted until the flange reaches the pressure side. Do not push further!

When the installation gets harder, for example with bigger sizes, de sealing can be tapped in carefully with a flat piece of wood or a hammer.


If you want to seal in a location where the pressure can come from both sides, a PSI plug is placed at both sides of the wall, to seal both rooms. This method is also necessary for a gastight sealing.

Installation instructions PSI